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All equipment in hiBase is organized into tables.

The Echo Sounding table contains all echo sounding equipment, including multibeam echosounders, single beam echosounders, side scan sonars and phase measuring bathymetric sonars.

The Manual Sounding table contains all manual sounding equipment, including lead lines, sounding poles and diver depth gauges.

The Horizontal and Vertical Control table contains all horizontal and vertical control equipment, including base station equipment, levels and water level gauges.

The Positioning and Attitude table contains all positioning and attitude equipment, including POS MV equipment, DGPS equipment and laser rangefinders.

The Sound Speed table contains all sound speed equipment, including CTDs, sound speed profilers, surface sound speed sensors and TSGs.

The Bottom Sampling table contains all bottom sampling equipment.

The Computer Hardware table contains all computer hardware.

The Computer Software table contains all computer software.

Additional Guidance
Additional guidance on using hiBase can be found in the FAQ section.

Tips and tricks
    • When adding or modifying a new database record, moving the cursor over input fields will display tooltips for all required (and some optional) fields.
    • Most tables are sortable. Click on the column header to sort the column.